Handmade Tea Cup Candle

9 Jul

tea cup candle kit

I got a tea cup candle making set for my birthday in May and I’ve only just got round to using it.
I’ve wanted to make my own tea cup candle for ages so this kit was great  as I’ve never done it before and I now feel confident in making my own from scratch.
Here are some step by step instructions for you to follow:

(Wax heats very quickly so don’t leave unattended or heat with direct heat!!)

What you will need:
1 x tea cup and saucer.
100% Eco soy wax. (amount depends on size of tea cup, i will be using 120g)
1 x candle wick.
Double boiler – pan and Pyrex jug.
Stainless steel whisk.
2 pencils.

1. Fill the saucepan half way with water and bring to boil.

2. Place the soy wax in to the Pyrex jug and place into the saucepan. Turn the heat down to the lowest heat.

3. Whisk the wax slowly and melt the wax to 49 deg c.tea cup candle
4. Place the base of the candle wick into the melted wax and fix it to the bottom of your tea cup. Wait until the wax sets. ( I placed mine in the fridge for a minute to speed this up!)

tea cup candle

5. Carefully take the pyrex jug out of the saucepan and slowly pour the melted wax into the tea cup.
tea cup candle
6. You can straighten your wick at this point using 2 pencils.
tea cup candle - straighten the wick
7. leave the wax to harden for at least 12 hours before using. You can also cut your wick to the correct length.

8. Your tea cup candle is ready and should look something like this.

tea cup candle


Just Married Bunting – Free Vector Image

17 Jun

just married bunting free vector

One of my oldest friends got married yesterday and it was really nice to see her on her wedding day.

It was also the perfect opportunity to experiment with my dye cutting machine and I created a handmade “Just Married” bunting along with a handmade cut out design card.

I’ve include the “Just Married” vector image template for anyone to use, all you need to do is convert the file to SVG which can easily be done online. I placed the love heart bunting at the beginning, middle and end of the design in a contrasting colour and used some silver ribbon to finish. Easy Peasy!!

just married bunting

Just married bunting free vectorJust married bunting free vectorJust married bunting free vector

Diamond Jubilee Bunting – Free Vector Template

31 May

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is just around the corner and I’ve still got lots to do before the party on Saturday.

Today I’ve been making some Diamond Jubilee themed bunting which I have made with the help of my cutting machine. (Its new and I love it!!!)

I made the bunting design in Photoshop then converted the file to an SVG so I could cut the designs out on my cutter. I have included the JPEG images I created in Photoshop at the bottom of this post, you can convert these files easily into vector images using an on-line converter (this is what I did).

Fingers crossed the weather will be lovely on Saturday and I can take some better photographs, until then here are some photographs of my handmade bunting displayed higgledy piggledy on my study wall!!!
diamond jubilee handmade bunting free vector imagediamond jubilee handmade bunting free vector imagediamond jubilee handmade bunting free vector imagediamond jubilee handmade bunting free vector imagediamond jubilee handmade bunting free vector imagebunting_crown JPEG VECTORbunting_queen JPEG VECTORbunting_queen JPEG VECTOR

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tea Party Invitations – Free Printable

19 May

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee only a couple of weeks away I thought I’d share with you some invitations I have made for a tea party we are having to celebrate the Jubilee.
We enjoyed planning and creating the Mad Hatters Tea Party so much we decided to find another excuse to have another party.
I’ve also included 2 free printable invites for anyone to use, one is blank and the second can be adapted to fit your own date time and venue.
I decorated a plain white envelope with the free jubilee printable you can find on the craft beautiful website
I will keep you posted with everything we do but for now here are the invites…free printable diamond jubilee tea party invitesfree printable diamond jubilee tea party invitesfree printable diamond jubilee tea party invitesfree printable diamond jubilee tea party invitesfree printable diamond jubilee tea party invitesfree printable diamond jubilee tea party invites

Paper Clip Bookmark – Free Printable

12 May

paperclip bookmarksI discovered these Free Luxury Best of British Papers in my Craft Beautiful magazine a few weeks ago and decided today I would make something with them!

I’m forever using post it notes as bookmarks so I thought I’d create something a bit more fun! I downloaded the free printable and created the bookmarks in Photoshop but they could also be made by simply printing the papers and then cutting and sticking them together??

I cut a slit in the middle of the design and simply pushed a paper clip through.

If anybody fancies making some bookmarks or needs any free papers check out Craft Beautiful’s archive, they have a nice collection.
handmade paperclip bookmarks
handmade paper clip bookmarks

Creative button crafts….

30 Apr

I’ve been looking into button craft and thought I’d share with you some of my finds……. I think I might have to try them all but I especially love this cute button bookmark!

button bookmark
button cardbutton heart decoration door hangerbutton magnetsbutton necklacebutton picture
button paperclips

Handmade Crochet Pencil Pot Cover

21 Apr

I’ve just made this crochet pencil pot cover. I’m not the best crocheter in the world, but I made it by creating a circle motif the same width as a baked bean tin. Then crocheted a rectangle wide enough to fit around the diameter of a baked beans tin and finished with shell edging. I stitched them together and hey presto……….handmade crochet pencil pot